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Your Eating Disorder is Eating Away at Your Life

Join the path of healing and transform your health.

Eating disorder recovery isn’t easy

Healing from anorexia can be an emotional rollercoaster…


Your family just doesn’t understand your binge eating disorder….


Life coaches might not really grasp your struggle…


And worst of all – many eating disorder treatment centers have the same (expensive!) pitfalls.


I’ve been in your shoes

I’m Marissa – a Certified Life Coach, Nutritionist, and Reiki Master.


I’ve spent years overcoming my eating disorder and alcohol abuse. Through a combination of treatment centers, formal training, energy treatments, and several different therapies – I was able to find true recovery.


So I know – it’s not easy. That’s why I’m here to support you in your journey to recovery.

It’s time to regain control


Get support from an eating disorder recovery coach who truly understands what you’re going through.

The RecoverED Weekly Coaching program is designed to create a safe space, give you the tools to transform, and empower you to continue making better choices.

Weekly Coaching


The eating disorder therapy program will give you the strength and tools to recover. Each coaching session will:


  • Establish a safe, confidential space

  • Provide coping tools and strategies

  • Monitor progress and address concerns

  • Motivate you to continue the hard work

  • Guide you through the most difficult times

  • Deliver unconditional support and actionable steps

Your path to eating disorder recovery


Everyone’s journey is different. It doesn’t matter which eating disorder is affecting you – we’ll find out a way to turn your life around.


In the weekly sessions I’ll guide you in:


  • Addressing unhealthy habits

  • Working to uncover the underlying trauma

  • Discovering triggers

  • Utilizing coping strategies

  • Finding mental and emotional peace

  • Doing the hard work to keep going

  • Recovering from disordered eating

Kind words from recovered eaters

"Very insightful. You can tell Marissa actually cares." -Bryan 

"Marissa possesses all of the experience and qualifications necessary in order to be useful to those of us dealing with eating disorders." -Lawrence

"Marissa helped me realize my own potential and discover who I truly was apart from my disorder." -Pam

You’ve already taken the first step


One of the hardest steps is to recognize you need help.


And you’ve made it here. That’s already a ton of progress, so you should be proud!


Now keep that momentum going. Sign up for a free call to talk about a strategy that works for you.


No obligations, no false promises, nothing you’re uncomfortable with. We’ll talk, get to know each other, and find out the best way to continue recovering.

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