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5 Reiki Principles to Help Combat an Eating Disorder

When it comes to complicated issues, sometimes I find that the best solutions are simple ones. Meditation is a great example. Another one is breathing exercises. Try this: breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold for four seconds, breathe out for four seconds, and then hold for four seconds. Then do it again....Feeling better?

But something I'm also a big proponent of is Reiki healing.

Treating an eating disorder may seem impossible. Visits to the doctor and the psychologist help, but maybe you're looking for something more. Perhaps the answer is in energy healing.

Reiki is a big topic, but I'll try to focus on some of its foundational principles. In this guide, we're going to talk about how the 5 principles of the Reiki method can help you recover.

1. Just for Today, I Won't Get Angry (About My Eating Disorder)

It's normal to be angry when in a frustrating situation. A rude cashier or an inconsiderate driver is sometimes all it takes for a person to get a bit hot in the face. I've experienced frustration on this levels and others, and I'm sure you have too.

And with an eating disorder, that anger is warranted. You might be angry at yourself even, that you can't have better "control" of your body.

With Reiki energy healing, I release those angry thoughts. When it comes to myself and others, I understand that it's not the eating disorder that's triggering the thoughts, but rather the angry energy that exists within me already.

By releasing anger, we are one step closer to accepting and loving ourselves.

2. Just for Today, I Won't Worry

Everyone gets anxious! It's hard not to get anxious with work, relationships, and personal life is life. It includes worry.

Add on an eating disorder, and worry is to be expected. However, that worry originates from within. Whether it's worrying about the now or the future, it's not good for the health of the body.

Releasing this negative energy means I can live in the present moment rather than in constant turbulence.

3. Just for Today, I'll Be Grateful to Be Alive

Your health is the most important thing you have. It logically follows that a threat to health seems like a threat to existence. It's hard to be grateful in those circumstances.

However, there's always more good than bad in life, if we look for it. I benefit by releasing negativity and recognizing the wonderful parts of my life.

4. Just for Today, I'll Expand My Consciousness (or, "I will do my work honestly")

Mindfulness is a key component of all Eastern traditions, Reiki included. Being aware not just of myself but everything around me, is essential to living a conscious lifestyle.

Reiki healing means reaching beyond your eating disorder. We see that it's not a part of us but rather a component we can examine from a distance. This critical analysis can help us to overcome it.

5. Just for Today, I'll Be Kind to All Beings

It's normal to lash out during a difficult time. In many cases, that's the cause behind a person's inconsiderate and abrasive attitude. But other people are part of the universe we inhabit, too.

So to cope with an eating disorder, I use Reiki to accept and accommodate those around me. I withhold judgment when they prove difficult to deal with. I see the good in them and make sure my behavior towards them is welcoming and inviting.

Going Deeper with Reiki Energy Healing

An eating disorder is a multi-faceted problem that may require many years and different methods to diagnose and treat. But Reiki can only help recovery, I have found. These 5 tenets provide easy, straightforward guidance in overcoming the negative energy associated with recovery.

Reiki energy healing is just the beginning. Get in contact with me today, and I'll be happy to speak to you about Reiki more! Distance sessions are now available.

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