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A Meaningful Change: 5 Deep Questions to Ask Your Life Coach

There are 71,000 life coaches in the world. If you've ever worked with a life coach, you may be tempted to ask them thoughtful questions about your life's purpose. But you should consider asking many other deep questions.

In this article, we'll cover 5 intriguing questions you can ask your life coach during your next session.

1. What Do You Really Do?

A life coach asks you thought-provoking questions to help you make decisions or choose a life path. Coaches help clients to find meaning and clarity around certain topics. If you ask this question and get another type of answer, it may not be the best match for you.

Interested in learning more about how life coaching can help you? Check out this informative article.

2. How Are You Different Than a Therapist?

Life coaching sessions may feel a lot like a therapist but there are distinct differences. A coach is there to guide and motivate while a therapist has the credentials to treat mental health issues. Life coaches cannot diagnose or treat disorders.

Life coaches are simply there to help and guide a client. Their goal is to help people gain clarity in what they want and help them make a plan to reach their goals.

3. What If a Client Needs a Therapist Instead?

Mental health is no joking matter and a good life coach would recognize that. The answer to this question will tell a lot about the person they are working with. Will they recommend the client consult a therapist?

Will they continue to try to help the client without acknowledging they need additional help? Will the life coach add on more sessions with promises of a better future knowing they don't have the credentials to truly help?

It's hard to know when exactly you need to have a mental health intervention. A skilled and certified life coach would know the signs.

4. Will Life Coaching Bring the Clients Clarity?

Coaching has the goal of bringing clarity. Sessions should focus on identifying what you want and how to get it. Working with a life coach should improve a person's confidence and help them overcome fears. After a few sessions of coaching, a client should have less overwhelmed about reaching goals and more insight.

5. Do You Just Motivate Clients?

Life coaches do much more than motivate. If asked this question, a life coach should respond with how they help a client to find meaning in their life. They also equip clients with the skills needed to empower decision-making and to feel inspired from the inside.

Answer Additional Deep Questions with a Life Coaching Partnership

Now that you've read through these deep questions, you are prepared for your next meeting with your life coach. If you have never worked with one, what are you waiting for?

Schedule a discovery call or a session today to start asking really great life coaching questions.

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