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How to Peacefully Navigate the Holidays with an Eating Disorder

Over 80% of people feel stressed around the holidays. But while the holidays make contribute to our stress, if you have an eating disorder, you may feel that the stress is amplified. All of the food can wreak havoc on your ability to relax and enjoy the holidays.

But it is possible to enjoy the holiday and stay on track while you're in recovery. If you're on your recovery journey, and you need some encouragement for getting through the holidays, here are some tips you can use today.

1. Remember Your 'Why'

One of the best things to keep in mind during the holiday season and recovery is to remember why you're moving forward. It can be a powerful motivator to simply stop and reflect on why you're doing what you're doing. It's important to be gracious with yourself and keep your why the center of everything you're doing.

Being able to see long-term while taking one step at a time - even during the holidays - will keep you on your recovery journey.

2. Meditate

The holidays can be a hurried time, so make time for meditation. This could be daily or hourly depending on how much time you have. Find somewhere peaceful, where you can practice mindfulness and detach yourself from all the holiday hustle.

The holidays are a time when people are having parties and get-togethers, but if you need time to decompress, it's ok to say no.

3. Stick With Your Routine

Have you set up a routine for yourself during your recovery? If so, keep at it during the holidays. This is because stability and routine are necessary to help you stay on track.

Don't forget, that it's also ok to be flexible with food choices as well. But do what you believe benefits your recovery best.

4. Get Support

There are times when you're in recovery that everything seems overwhelming. During those times it can be hard to stick to your routine or your plan. This is why it's so important to have support in your corner when you feel overwhelmed or you're struggling.

Do you have a community you can turn to when you feel this way? Before you begin all your holiday gatherings, ask someone close to you like a wellness coach or recovery coach if you could reach out to them when you need support.

5. Volunteer

With all the focus on recovery, don't forget to give back to your community! Volunteering in your locality is a powerful way to serve others who are less fortunate and it feels satisfying. Check out your area for places you can volunteer like a food bank or a homeless shelter.

Don't Let an Eating Disorder Conflict Your Holiday

The road to recovery from an eating disorder doesn't have to put a damper on your holiday. With people around you who support you, flexibility, and a plan, you can enjoy the holidays and even thrive and grow during them.

Are you looking for support this holiday? I want to give you the support you need. Contact me today for a free 15-minute discovery call.

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